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The Sportsview Hotel Kasarani health club offers a fully equipped gym , a tropical swimming pool both for adults and children. a steam bath and sauna. We provide a motivating and positive atmosphere to achieve your goals in all areas of health and fitness. Our fully qualified, friendly and professional staff are always happy to encourage and motivate you along the way or answer any of your questions or concerns.

The Gymnasium

Designed to ease the pressures of life, soothe stress and promote ultimate health and vitality.

Our gymnasium offers fitness evaluation; certified instructors and personal training programmes; a spacious gymnasium, aerobics studio (cardio, spinning, stair, step and more)

Swimming pool

The hotel has a 2000sqm serene type swimming pool both fit for adults and children.



Health Club membership perks.

Increased Fitness

 Whether you’re a senior trying to stay active or an athlete looking to increase your performance level, being in the gym on a regular basis is going to help. 

Having a membership at Sportsview Hotel Kasarani will almost certainly lead you to set up a regular exercise schedule and, hopefully, stick to it.

Increased balance and flexibility

 Your workout routine will help you become more flexible over time and your increased strength, especially in your core, legs, and glutes, will improve your balance.

 Improving your balance and flexibility is important for everyone, but this is, perhaps, the single biggest benefit for seniors. 

Improved sleep

Studies show that regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster, fight insomnia, and help you get deep, restorative sleep..

 If you’re someone – like a lot of us – who need better sleep, exercise can be a way to help achieve it. Make sure you’re getting regular physical activity and better sleep will surely follow.

Stress relief

Getting regular exercise is a great way to relieve stress and improve your mental health.

Stress can be a major factor in health problems such as high blood pressure and heightened anxiety. Stress relief is definitely one of the biggest benefits of joining our Health Club

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